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Re: soundtracker not updated ?

On Sun, Aug 19, 2001 at 04:11:06AM +0200, Robert van der Meulen wrote:
> having a strict web of trust between them
> strict identification checks.

Actually, this isn't quite so, and it hardly ever was AFAIK. I, for one, was
accepted based on a scanned ID, because the nearest developer was about
500km away. I'm still outside the web of trust (well, okay, Matej Vela and
myself have our own little web :).

> IMHO, sponsorship - as said earlier in this thread - is _only_ useful for
> people who are in the NM queue, are not trough the process yet, and want to
> get some Debian-work done.

Agreed. This is more or less the official Debian stance now, I think.

> This is what it was designed for.

There was no real NM queue when it was designed, so that statement's not
true :)

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