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Re: Push-Servers?

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 10:26:07AM -0500, Scott Dier wrote:
> Are there any push-primary mirrors (preferbaly on i2) that are willing
> to have 'push-secondary' mirrors hanging off of them?  Are there
> push-primary mirrors on i2 that arent behind mich.net that allow rsync
> access?

It's not too likely you'll get a fast response here... anyway, all
push-primaries should allow push-secondaries. The US ones are kernel.org,
gluck.d.o, *.sourceforge.net, ftp.eecs.umich.edu (which AFAICT you don't
like) and ftp.us.d.o, so, check with admins of those.

> Its getting kind of annoying these days to rsync. :|

How come, you never manage to be within the anonymous rsync limit or

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