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Re: mozilla in testing broken

> It's mozilla's non-cvs pkg. from august 8th that works with shockwave and 
> java2 loaded.  Both work perfectly and so since august 8th i haven't had any 
> crashes with mozilla.  Before and with the latest release java never used to 
> work while shockwave's plugin was loaded, and usually still wouldn't work 
> when it wasn't loaded.  I've heard from many other people how these two 
> plugins wont get along in mozilla and i was wondering if other people found 
> that august 8ths release worked for them too and now if it doesn't in 
> today's.  

I discovered that both need to have libXt.so and libXext.so somewhere.
Having libXt.so.6 and libXext.so.6 won't do. So you need to either install
xlibs-dev or make the symlinks yourself (don't forget to run ldconfig).

Took me some time to figure that one out.


Wessel Dankers <wsl@nl.linux.org>

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