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Re: mozilla in testing broken

On Wednesday 15 August 2001 15:51, safemode wrote:
> The latest update of mozilla in testing does not work with java and
> shockwave, and even shockwave alone doesn't really work anymore.  The
> release just before this was working perfectly and it was the same version
> so it appears something in the latest repackaging of mozilla has broken
> shockwave and java support.  What was wrong with the previous release ?
> anyone know?

Sorry, forgot to give some other crucial info. 

It's mozilla's non-cvs pkg. from august 8th that works with shockwave and 
java2 loaded.  Both work perfectly and so since august 8th i haven't had any 
crashes with mozilla.  Before and with the latest release java never used to 
work while shockwave's plugin was loaded, and usually still wouldn't work 
when it wasn't loaded.  I've heard from many other people how these two 
plugins wont get along in mozilla and i was wondering if other people found 
that august 8ths release worked for them too and now if it doesn't in 

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