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Re: "Section" in *.doc-base file.

>>>> "JU" == Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:

> In 14 Aug 2001 11:41:22 +0200 Christian cum veritate scripsit :
>> > Er, if I wanted docs on a calculator, I'd look under "Math" or
>> something.
>> > Who cares if its About box's got that odd footprint or that screw or
>> > whatever?
>> I agree for applications, but for applets ?

> I'd say load meter applet documentations should appear in the 
> same location as other load meter things.
> i.e. gkrellm and gnome CPU-load applet docs should be 
> found in the same location.

> And most applets should fit in like this, won't it?

Then we need to adds some sections.

Utility ? We have Tools


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