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Re: NMU mozilla 0.9.3-0.1

> I've built mozilla_0.9.3-0.1
> It's in http://pandora.debian.org/~kitame/mozilla/

Hey, thanks much!

> I'll NMU it after a few days.

I am having one issue with the package -- helvetica doesn't display
correctly with 9.3.  It's blocky and looks like a font that doesn't
have the right size specified (displaying a 13 point font that exists
in 12 and 14 points).  The same pages look just fine with 9.2, 9.1,
and with Netscape 4.75 on the same machine.  I've got a recent (updated
this morning) sid running with all the latest X packages and such.

Anyone else seeing this?  Anyone know the solution. . .


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