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Re: NMU mozilla 0.9.3-0.1

>>>>> In article <[🔎] 86n15b6rae.wl@peppermint.northeye.org>,
>>>>> "TK" == kitame@northeye.org (Takuo KITAME)  wrote...
>>>>> On 08 Aug 2001 00:06:09 -0500
>>>>> "JJ" == Jared Johnson <solomon@futureks.net> wrote...

JJ> Actually, it should be fixed now that the new gconf is in sid.  I'm
JJ> testing now.  I probably won't upload anything to sid until 0.12 comes
JJ> out, though.  They're fixing more gconf problems.

TK>     0.12? not 1.0.3?
TK>     1.0.3-1 is in sid.

    er, sorry, you mean galeon 0.12.
    Yes, you shoudn't upload galeon 0.12pre

Takuo Kitame.

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