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Re: Setting up an apt server/buildd

In Corrin Lakeland's email, 07-08-2001:
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> Hi all,
> I'm sure this has been done by someone else, but I can't find a HOWTO 
> anywhere. 
> How do I set up an apt server? I'm pretty sure this just involves creating a 
> Packages.gz file, but cat *.changes doesn't quite give the right format 
> (extra PGP signatures).  Is there a fairly automated way of setting this up?
> Similarly, is it possible to recompile packages in a fairly automated way.  I 
> thought of the buildd or is this going to be more work than doing it manually?
> Corrin
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Check out the programs `dpkg-scanpackages` and `dpkg-scansources` (in
package dpkg-dev) -- I think these are what you want - the most
"automated" way of repackaging that I know of is `dpkg-buildpackage`.
You might check into the buildd's, if they are somthing non-trivial,
they should be in CVS somewhere.. 

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