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Re: ITP: Music123

* "David Starner" 

| Not yet, short of creating a directory and populating it with simlinks to
| files. Version 2 will definetly play from a list of songs in a plain-text
| file (= m3u format?); is that good enough?

(This is how my system works -- people might like or dislike it):

My directory structure is like:

|-- Kruder_&_Dorfmeister
|   |-- The_K&D_Sessions_cd1
|   `-- The_K&D_Sessions_cd2
|-- Kre_&_The_Cavemen
|   |-- Jet_Age
|   `-- Long_Day_s_Flight__Till_Tomorrow

I don't use playlists at all.

What I want is the tool to able to understand that the files inside
Jet_Age is one album and should be played together, usually in the
right order.

But I want to be able to play random albums. :)


Tollef Fog Heen
You Can't Win

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