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Hi all,
I'm going on vacation since ... july 27^th at 15:00 to september 2^nd.

If you'll be near Pescara (Italy), drop me an email or an icq message. I'll
gladly meet any of you... and (why not?), may be I'll offer you a beer.

I'll try to read mail every 2 or 3 days, so if any problem raise with my
packages or wathever, give me so much time to reply.

Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis                      | Lo Studente Soffice
aliases: Luca ^De [A-Z][A-Za-z\-]*[iy]'\?s$         | ... Quando le "parole"
ICQ: 66094859   IRC: wh1sk3y (irc.openprojects.net) |               _contano_

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