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Re: Making snapshot of woody/sid.

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 11:11:36PM +0300, Sampo Niskanen wrote:

> I'd like to upgrade to woody/sid to get some of the neat new software
> around, but the problem is I don't happen to have a big fat pipe coming to
> my computer. Therefore I'd like to make a snapshot of woody or sid onto
> CDs, and was wondering what's the best way to do that.
> [...]
> The machine on which I'd be burning the CDs is a non-debian Linux
> (Slackware, to be exact), so I'd rather the fetching be
> non-debian-specific. Also, there is a a Debian mirror site next door to
> the machine, so fetching large amounts of data is not a problem and
> shouldn't bother too many people.

You might want to look into apt-zip.  I've never used it, but this is exactly
what it's for.  It does require apt, though, so you'll need to install apt
somewhere on the system doing the downloading.  It shouldn't be as difficult as
it sounds; people have done this successfully before.

Also, you could generate a list of files to be downloaded using apt-get
--print-uris, bring that list with you, and use wget to fetch all of the .debs.

> As a side question, how stable is "unstable" actually? I'm used to getting
> the latest versions of all software, so I'm also used to having some
> applications crash now and then, but will something really _break_ if I start
> using "unstable"?  (I also know how to use a boot disk and fix a machine if
> neccessary.)

You should know how to clean up after failed package installations and
upgrades, what happens when two packages install a conflicting file, and what
to do if a package's maintainer script blows up.  If you are comfortable with
those things, then unstable is a piece of cake.

 - mdz

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