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Re: php4-gd and jpeg/gif support

Petr Cech wrote:
> missleding description from backport of 4.0.3pl1 to potato. sid/woody do
> support PNG, JPEG, XPM, WBMP and ttf

I thought so.
It's still a bug though ;-)

> > I began to suspect the package when I noticed that there were no
> > dependencies on any jpeg-libs. phpinfo() shows png, but no gif/jpeg. And
> > yes, I did add the "ld.so" to php.ini.
> in fact, they are not needed as libgd is used for this

OK. This makes me wonder: could it be that #66293 and #74283 actually
refer to functionality that should be added to libgd? As I you mention,
a (backport of a) jpeg-supporting libgd actually does the trick and it
has barely anything to do with php4, has it? (And gif and jpeg seem, in
fact, mutually exclusive, as you pointed out).

> > have (off topic <grin>) any advice how to perform JPEG scaling from PHP
> > in Potato? Are there backported php4-gd's lying around that do perform
> > jpeg and gif from php4-gd?
> no. if you find a libgd that suppors both gif and jpeg... and recompile
> with it ...

Thanks. I backported libgd from Woody, then recompiled php4 with
"--with-jpeg=/usr --with-xpm=/usr/X11R6" (just like in the php4 Woody
version), which works flawlessly.

Thanks so far, best regards,


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