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Re: support for multilingual Packages files?

Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> We, Japanese developers, provides many Japanese-oriented Debian
> packages with _English_ description.  This is meaningful.  Sometimes
> we receive bug reports and questions about these packages from
> foreigners who start to study Japanese.  Like this, giving English
> description on your Swedish software is meaningful.

It's also very helpful when you consider that the admin of a machine may
be an English speaker, while he has users who use a variety of other
languages. If a user asks me, as the admin, to install a package, I want
to be able to read the description before installing it so I can know
what it does.

The following is part of policy:

     The description field needs to make sense to anyone, even people
     who have no idea about any of the things the package deals with.

Currently the closest we can come to a description that makes sense to
anyone is a description written in English. I would dearly love to see
fully localized package descriptions, but it makes no sense to put the
cart before the horse and begin including non-English text in
descriptions before there is a framework to support proper localization.

see shy jo

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