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gnulpr (hp release) for Debian


I have prepared the debs for the hp-release of the 
               GNULpr project  
	 see http://lpr.sourceforge.net/


"The OpenSource Printing Project is focused on creating great OpenSource
printing. Take a look at the GNULPR Road Map
( http://lpr.sourceforge.net/gnulpr-announcement.html ) outlining where this
project will be going. So far, it has released tools and components
including GPr, libppd, libprinterconf, snmpkit. All of this is detailed in
the Mini-HowTo located at http://hp.sourceforge.net/uhowto/eps-uhowto.php "


I would appreciate if someone would give a try to the packages
before I upload them to the Debian archive; to do this,
please add  
  deb http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/GNULpr/hp-relase-branch/dist ./
to /etc/apt/sources.list, and then
  apt-get install task-gnulpr



A Mennucc
 "È un mondo difficile. Che vita intensa!" (Renato Carotone)

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