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Re: OFF-TOPIC New 'testing' codename

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 11:07:10PM -0300, Pablo Lorenzzoni wrote:
> Hello ALL!
> 	I guess I've solved this "problem" the woody freeze will cause: the 
> new codename of the testing distro. Why don't we call it by one of 
> Sid's mutant toys' names (which were rockmobile, babyface, janeydoll, 
> the windup frog, jingle joe, duckie and jack-in-the-box)?
> 	Plz, be gentle when flaming me :-))))))
> 	[]s
> 	Pablo

How about "Mr. Head" now that potato is no longer in use? (or just "head" ;)

<Donning Asbestos Headgear>

l8r, Me
This Buds For You

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