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[FHS] /usr/info

I guess /usr/info is a slightly overlooked FHS thing, compared to
/usr/man and /usr/doc.

Here, I have nothing in /usr/info except dir and dir.old. All the info
files are moved to /usr/share/info already[1]. It works fine, but it's

What can we do to move /usr/info/dir to /usr/share/info/? Or more to the
point, will moving it cause anything to break?

I moved it manually here, and info continues to work, and can display
the info dir with no problems. emacs20 likewise worked ok. What else needs
to be verified to work before the info dir can be moved?

(I'm assuming base-files should be responsible for moving it since it
installs the stub.)

see shy jo

[1] Well, not entirely:

    usr/info/ftape-4.info-1.gz                                  doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-4.info-2.gz                                  doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-4.info-3.gz                                  doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-4.info-4.gz                                  doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-4.info-5.gz                                  doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-4.info-6.gz                                  doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-4.info.gz                                    doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-faq.info-1.gz                                doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-faq.info-2.gz                                doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-faq.info.gz                                  doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-howto.info.gz                                doc/ftape-doc
    usr/info/ftape-tools.info-1.gz                              utils/ftape-util
    usr/info/ftape-tools.info-2.gz                              utils/ftape-util
    usr/info/ftape-tools.info-3.gz                              utils/ftape-util
    usr/info/ftape-tools.info.gz                                utils/ftape-util
    usr/info/gnucash-design.info-1.gz                           utils/gnucash
    usr/info/gnucash-design.info-2.gz                           utils/gnucash
    usr/info/gnucash-design.info-3.gz                           utils/gnucash
    usr/info/gnucash-design.info-4.gz                           utils/gnucash
    usr/info/gnucash-design.info.gz                             utils/gnucash
    usr/info/mboxgrep.info.gz                                   mail/mboxgrep
    usr/info/tasks.info                                         text/miscfiles 

    But bugs have now been filed.

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