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Re: Progreny problems on his list?

Peter Makholm wrote:
> Harald Dunkel <harri@synopsys.COM> writes:
> > Is it allowed to discuss problems with Progeny Debian (e.g. the boot
> > CD) on this list?
> It might be allowable to discuss development issues about Progeny
> here. User problems should be discussed somewhere else no matter if
> they are based on Progeny or the Debian distribution.

Just let me describe my experience with Progeny so far:

I've got an old PC in the office which cannot boot from CDROM. Fortunately 
there is an Adaptec SCSI controller inside, which can redefine the SCSI 
CDROM somehow to look like a floppy drive. I could boot the Progeny CD on 
this machine, but during the installation procedure it failed to access the 
CD. I was stuck. RedHat 7.1 had the same problem.

The Debian boot CD (2.2r2) worked as expected. Excelent work, folks.


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