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Re: GCC 3.0 status?

Hi folks,

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
I already had a brief talk with a RH developer and they don't know
> yet how they will deal with this and postponed it for now. As to
> strategy: the only thing I can think of is bump the soname for all
> C++ libraries. We may even want to do what libstdc++ does and encode
> the ABI version in the soname.
Just a suggestion: What's about installing gcc 3.x and all related files
in another directory, e.g. /opt/gcc3, using the standard executable
names? You can install both compilers in parallel, and select the 
compiler by changing $PATH. Much easier and less error-prone than 
editing a lot of Makefiles to replace 'gcc' by 'gcc-3.0', 'g++' by 
'g++-3.0', etc.



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