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Re: Locking of serial devices and devfs

On Thursday 21 June 2001 19:29, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
> > If you have to invent an inode number for devices it will mostly like
> > be something like f(major,minor) so you might as well use those
> > directly..
> Do I really have to invent an inode number ?
> muscat%ls -i /dev/misc
>       6 apm_bios      122 psaux      390 rtc      391 tdfx
> sounds like devfs already takes care of that (it's most certainly
> f((int)some struct pointer), so it's probably not guaranteed to be
> stable across reboots, but for locking, I'm pretty sure it's not a
> problem)

Actually it's a sequential counter, /dev has inode 1, it appears to be in 
driver load order.

/var/lock should be cleared on reboot anyway.

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