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New debian-devel archive


We've just finished putting together a live archive of all the debian
mailing lists from 1998 to the present. If you read the debian lists on a
regular basis, as I do, I'd suggest you take a look since it's a lot of
data-mining fun. ;-) Since the archiving software is open source, if you run
a mailing list yourself, you might also be interested in it.

Basically, our mailing list software replaces the pipermail component of
mailman to give real-time archiving and super-fast searching. It's pretty
straight-forward to use b/c we've noticed that today's new computer users
are missing out on mailing lists and we are trying to get them back. The
search is also pretty cool; you can do searches such as 'all occurances of
the word "beer" in the title on Fridays in debian-devel' (18 hits). :-)

The debian mailing lists are archived at http://lists.javien.com/ and the
software is available for download (as .debs .rpms and source tarballs) from
http://www.javien.org/. Please watchout for the different domains: .org and

Hope you like it!

Wesley W. Terpstra - Linux Developer

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