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Re: How to deal with svgalibg1 | svgalib-dummyg1 and recent debhelper

Richard Braakman wrote:
> Hmm...  I think Joey is mistaken in calling the substvars file an
> "internal interface".  It may happen to be the way dh_shlibdeps
> communicates with dh_gencontrol, but it is also a file in a documented
> format which is part of the interface between dpkg-shlibdeps and
> dpkg-gencontrol.  Package maintainers should be free to deal with
> this file, and debhelper should not try to get in the way.

Wichert pointed out to me that the substvars format is not documented
*at all*. Show me some documentation of it.

> In other words, I suggest to Joey that he puts this "automatically
> determined substvars data" in a documented location, so that it
> can be massaged between the dh_shlibdeps and dh_gencontrol steps.

Massaging after the fact should really not be necessary. It should be
possible to make correct substvars info be generated through the use of
shlibs.local files or whatever. Shouldn't it?

see shy jo

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