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Kernel-Package, Kernel-Patches, lots of questions

[asked this on debian-user a few days ago, but nobody was able to
answer. Can -devel enlighten me?]


kernel-package supports kernel patches, as I learned short time ago.
But IMO, it lacks the documentation for this.

If i understand correctly:
- patches go into /usr/src/kernel-patches/$arch/$version/apply.
- If "PATCH_THE_KERNEL" is set, patches are automatically applied on 

But here are some questions:
How are patches handled that create new config options in the kernel
config? When make-kpkg runs, kernel config usually is already finished
- how am I supposed to activate the new options?

How can I choose which patches are to be applied? Are all patches
applied without me having a chance to choose?

Can I see in the created .deb which patches have been applied?

Can patches be put elsewhere than in /usr/src/kernel-patches?

Where is the documentation about module-hooks mentioned in


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