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Re: gtkpool licensing

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 04:09:38PM -0400, Jacques Fortier wrote:
> > I'm going to packaging gtkpool for Debian, and I was wondering about this
> > part of the gtkpool README file:
> >
> >   The code for this game is based on code from
> >   _Java(tm) Game Programming for Dummies(R)_ by
> >   Wayne Holder and Doug Bell, (I know, I know,
> >   but it was the only book the library had on
> >   game programming, so give me a break, OK? :) )
> >
> >   All the modifications to that code were
> >   performed by Jacques Fortier (that's me).
> >
> > If those two people wrote the code that you modified, they have copyright on
> > it. What is the license of their code? There is no evidence that it is GPL.
> I got the book out of the library a while ago, so I don't remember much
> about the license. I believe that they allowed you to use their code, but
> I'm not sure what restrictions, if any, they imposed. I'm usually pretty
> honest about such things, so I suspect what I was doing was allowed under
> the terms of their license. That was three years ago though, so I'm not
> really sure anymore.
> What I can tell you for sure is that no original code remains in the game.
> Although the general structure and a few algorithms are based on their
> code, all the C++ code was written by myself. I have placed all of my code
> under the GPL.

Ah, hmm. I guess that's fine then, but I suppose someone with more knowledge
of the law will comment (added CC:).

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