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Re: RFC: (m)syslog default config


Marco d'Itri schrieb:
> On Jun 09, Arthur Korn <arthur@korn.ch> wrote:
>  >ftp.*				%classic /var/log/ftp.log
> This facility does not exist.

As Mathiew already said, this does exist.

>  >news.*				%classic /var/log/news.log
> There are the splitted three logs for the news facility, no need to add
> another one.

Uhm, right ...

But actually I'd favour a single news.log. Since you are the INN
maintainer: does INN actually depend on the split logs?

>  >uucp.*				%classic /var/log/uucp.log
> The UUCP package does not use syslog, there is no reason to add another
> log file.

Thanks, I commented it out then.

ciao, 2ri
The computer revolution is over. The computers won.

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