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Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 debs Available!

Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Robert McQueen's letter:
> Myth has just completed a full set of Mozilla 0.9.1 debs, which are
> available here:
>  deb http://pandora.debian.org/~robot101/mozilla /
>  deb-src http://pandora.debian.org/~robot101/mozilla /
> Yup, that's right, he's not dead. These packages include various patches
> to fix certain bugs in Mozilla, smooth the build process, remove upgrade
> problems, remove debugging menus, and remove the need for hackish
> wrappers around skipstone, galeon, and the like. These packages also see
> the debut of seperate libnss3 debs (for mutt =).

very nice, but that quite a problem i think:

dpkg - attenzione, ignoro il seguente problema perché si è usata --force:
 tentata sovrascrittura di `/usr/lib/libdbm.a', che si trova anche nel pacchetto libgdbmg1-dev

overwriting files from libgdbmg1-dev.
also, i would be much better to have "opened up to the Free Software
community" instead of "opened up to the Open Source (TM) community" in
the package description ;-)


Federico Di Gregorio
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                                   He has an ignorant audience. -- Byron

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