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Some problems getting Atari800 package finished.

I've been working on the latest code version of the Atari800 emulator
package, trying to get a release ready. I haven't had as much time to work
on it as I would like, (mostly Saturday afternoons...) and while I've made
some headway, I've got some problems that I may not be able to make go
away, so I'm looking for some guidance.

I basicly have two fairly disjoint problems:

1. I can get the svgalib version to build and run in a useful fashion, but
   the x11 version builds just fine, but when executed presents a totally
   black screen. Wile I expect this to be something like black background
   against black letters, it may take me some time to track it down in the

2. The current versions recently added a configuration stage to the build
   process, which asks questions about the target build when configure is
   run. I haven't talked with the upstream about this yet, as I have a 
   kludge of a fix working ATM, but I would like to eventually answer those
   questions in a pre-defined definitions file that gets read by
   configure. My problem is that what I know about autoconf/configure is
   almost zero...

3. Older versions of this package provided a "curses" version of the
   package, but I see no reason to do so. The simulator is very restricted
   without any graphics capabilities. I'm considering dropping it entirely
   from the package.

As a work around to problem 1, I'm about decided to release the package
with only the svgalib emulator until such time as I can get the x11
version running correctly. 

I intend to use my workaround in this early release, doing the configure
step by hand, then running the build process after, resolving this with
the upstream as and when possible.

In addition, I believe that this release will come with sound support
(fixing an outstanding bug), but it isn't clear how the joystick support
will work. I have enabled it in the build, but don't have one on my
machine, so I can't test it.

All of this is pushing me to do an early, limited, release so folks can
test the emulator for "important" problems.

Any suggestions on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated. If you have
any interests in how this package is done, feel free to let me know.

Waiting is,

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