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Re: Mozilla NMU (Kitame, *please* read!)

On Sat, Jun 09, 2001 at 01:26:21PM +0100, Robert McQueen wrote:
> That said, it is my understanding that Kitame's interests in a newer
> Mozilla stem (not to say that there are not other reasons) from being
> able to have Nautilus built with a new and reliable Mozilla engine
> embedded. Others want to proceed with packaging of galeon, skipstone,
> light, etc, and others just want to see the latest and greatest Mozilla
> in the archive to play with. So I have a solution to propose.

keep in mind that these (mozilla, nautilus, galeon et al) are large
packages and should get a decent ammount of time to live in
unstable/testing so they can, well, be tested and get stabilized for
when woody finally becomes stable.  at the rate we are going that is
not going to happen.  

> In my opinion, the least confrontational way for this situation to be
> resolved would be a compromise. Myth could (and I'll help if at all
> possible) prepare and upload crypto-removed packages to main ASAP. This
> means everyone gets a newer Mozilla, and the Mozilla-based packages can
> update as necessary. If crypto can't go into woody, these packages will
> remain. If it can, then Myth can upload a full set of Mozilla packages,
> which as far as we can tell will not break the Mozilla-based ones.
> Obviously we'd have to work on getting the necessary PSM parts stripped
> out of the main Mozilla source and into a package in non-US, but in the
> mean time I think this is an acceptable compromise. What do you all
> think? Kitame?

IMNSHO crypto removed mozilla packages would be USELESS.  sorry but
thats how i and i am sure many others feel about it, crypto is
absolutly necessary for many people.  if crypto can't go in main then
just upload the damn thing to non-US and be done with it, PLEASE.  as
far as CD makers go, given the current crypto regulations they might
already be allowed to distrubute CDs anyway, im not really sure and
frankly i don't really care, they should move to canada or some other
nation with less retarded laws. 

ideally mozilla could have its crypto componant split cleanly off and
put in non-US, but if that can't be done in a reasonable ammount of
time or without rendering mozilla buggy/broken then DON'T BOTHER, just
upload the whole damn thing to non-US.  

theres my rant for the day.  

Ethan Benson who thinks debian should just move the entire archive to non-US

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