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Re: Intent to NMU mozilla and ITP mozilla-cvs

>>>>> "David" == David B Harris <dbarclay10@yahoo.ca> writes:

    David> To quote Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>,
    >> I've just done build new mozilla package.  It's separated into
    >> multi binary package.  But still not split libnspr4 from
    >> mozilla source. (Is it needed?)

    David> I believe it would be good to have Mozilla and other
    David> Mozilla-dependent applications in main/, if at all
    David> possible.

This certainly was not the consensus of debian-legal when discussion
of Postgres happened.  I believe that consensus was well motivated and
should generally hold.

We want a secure operating system; that means we want to support
crypto interfaces.  If this pushes stuff into non-us, then non-us

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