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Re: Integration of debian/ scripts in packages

On Fri 08 Jun 2001 16:36, Gergely Nagy wrote:
> Thus spoke David Martinez CSIC RedIRIS <david.martinez@rediris.es> on 
2001-06-08 16:29:55:
> > 	BTW, please, could (you or someone else) point me to any Debian package
> > which make that in a clear way? Or is there any standard way to maintain
> > a separate structure for debianizing-patches and source-patches?
> Have a look at openldap2 or lpe (both from sid). They both patch the
> original sources at build time, but in a bit different way.

	Interesting! It's the same way as glibc does...will I look silly if I ask 
which is the utility needed to do such nice patches and the rules structure? 
Or simply copy and paste that lines?

	Many thanks again,

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