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Re: php4 not in testing

** On Jun 07, Petr Cech scribbled:
> > days ago I found it to still have the problems of causing apache to abort, 
> > while php3 works fine in the same situation...
> there are some incompatibilities in php3/php4 language. And yes, 4.0.5 seems
> to segfault apache :((
And not only Apache. Caudium used to segfault with PHP4 4.0.5 (and
glibc2.2.x) as well. It turned out to be (IIRC) some problem with the thread
farm in PHP4. Maybe it would be a good idea to use the CVS version of PHP4?
It works with Caudium, I didn't test Apache, but I suppose it should work
with it as well.


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