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XML help needed for dict-revo

I've been trying to package dict-revo for Debian, but I've
run into a snag in processing XML files. The upstream uses
XT, but I couldn't find it in Debian and I'd rather not get
into the Java mess, possibly putting dict-revo in contrib
for one minor build tool. So I looked for other programs
that could convert XML/XSLT documents into text or HTML.
Xalan spits out this error message:

========= Parsing menu.xml ==========

Fatal Error at (file ../dtd/vokoxml.dtd, line 243, char2): An exception occured! Type:IllegalArgumentException, Message:String pool id was not legal
XSL Error: Could not parse menu.xml document!
XSL Warning: Unknown Exception

XSLException Type is : XSLTProcessorException
Message is : Could not parse menu.xml document!

for the attached files. (It spits out the same message for a
representative sample of the other 1700 XML files.) (I
apologize for the case mangling; I'm currently connected to
the net only via a Windows box.)

Can anyone show up me how to fix this, or at least if the problem
is in the stylesheet or the program? What does the error message
mean? The programs are virtually without documentation. Does anyone
know of a good introduction to XSLT stylesheets?

David Starner - dvdeug@debian.org, dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org

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