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Re: XML help needed for dict-revo

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 02:29:20AM -0500, David Starner wrote:
> I've been trying to package dict-revo for Debian, but I've
> run into a snag in processing XML files. The upstream uses
> XT, but I couldn't find it in Debian and I'd rather not get
> into the Java mess, possibly putting dict-revo in contrib
> for one minor build tool. So I looked for other programs
> that could convert XML/XSLT documents into text or HTML.

$ apt-cache show sablotron
Description: an XSL processor fully implemented in C++
 Sablotron is an XSL processor fully implemented in C++.
 The goal of this project is to create a reliable and
 fast XSLT processor conforming to the W3C specification, which is
 available for public and can be used as a base for multiplatform XML
 data distribution systems.
 This package includes Sablotron binaries, which need libsablot0
 to work.

I use Sablotron, and have had good experiences with it. It is fast,
written in C++ (so you can avoid the Java mess), and has a Perl interface
available (XML::Sablotron).

> Does anyone know of a good introduction to XSLT stylesheets?

Check out the links on the w3c page (http://www.w3.org/Style/XSL/) and
http://www.xslt.com/. There's also a very helpful mailing list hosted by
Mulberry Technologies at http://www.mulberrytech.com/xsl/xsl-list/.


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