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Re: Integration of debian/ scripts in packages

>>>>> "Michèl" == Michèl Alexandre Salim <salimma1@yahoo.co.uk> writes:
    Michèl> The reason I raise this issue in the first place is
    Michèl> actually a notion that it would be nice for users wanting
    Michèl> bleeding-edge software to update from CVS and just run
    Michèl> debian/rules binary or dpkg-buildpackage, the same way
    Michèl> they can rpm -tb package.tar.gz currently (granted, most
    Michèl> of the time one thing or another is broken. Especially the
    Michèl> changelog - rather incredible).

And if you come up with a clean solution for the changelog issue, I
agree this is worth doing.  If you do that, please let me know what
your solution is.

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