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Re: init.d question (bug on debconf?)

binary@worldonline.dk wrote:
>I'm trying to remedy some problems in filterproxy, with it trying to start 
>even though it's deinstalled (it's a daemon)...

[ -x /usr/sbin/my.daemon ] || exit 0

>I've also noticed this when removing other programs -the init.d script 
>doesn't get removed unless you do a purge, which might be fine since you can 
>customize it, but it also affects update-rc.d not wanting to update the rc.? 
>My reason for posting is that I wasn't sure if it was a bug in debconf - 

(debhelper, rather)

>should it (in its postrm.debhelper) use "-f" when calling update-rc.d, 
>thereby forcing the removal of the symlinks? Or have I missed some important 
>step, making by package less-than-standards compliant?

No, leave it there unless the package is purged. All you need to do is
make your init script do nothing if the package is removed (policy

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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