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Re: init.d question (bug on debconf?)

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 10:44:15PM +0200, Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt wrote:
> [please cc me, I'm not subscribed. Sorry]
> I'm trying to remedy some problems in filterproxy, with it trying to start 
> even though it's deinstalled (it's a daemon)...
> I've also noticed this when removing other programs -the init.d script 
> doesn't get removed unless you do a purge, which might be fine since you can 
> customize it, but it also affects update-rc.d not wanting to update the rc.? 
> directories...
> My reason for posting is that I wasn't sure if it was a bug in debconf - 
> should it (in its postrm.debhelper) use "-f" when calling update-rc.d, 
> thereby forcing the removal of the symlinks? Or have I missed some important 
> step, making by package less-than-standards compliant?

Imho the symlinks are part of the configuration, and should only be
deleted if you purge the package.

| These scripts should not fail obscurely when the configuration files
| remain but the package has been removed, as configuration files remain
| on the system after the package has been removed.  Only when `dpkg' is
| executed with the `--purge' option will configuration files be
| removed.  In particular, the init script itself is usually a
| configuration file (see Section 10.3.5, `Notes'), and will remain on
| the system if the package is removed but not purged.  Therefore, you
| should include a `test' statement at the top of the script, like this:
|              test -f <program-executed-later-in-script> || exit 0

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