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Making GTK+2.0 applications (Re: ITP: glib2, gtk2, inti)

> All you need to compile to get the latest gtk working is atk, pkgconfig,
> pango, glib, and gtk+. Of course, having these as debian packages would
> simplify matters greatly :)
Is there anywhere a good sample how to compile/link a GTK+2.0
application running on Linux-fb. I've successfully built GTK+1.3.5 and
are able to run the included samples. But I'm not able to figure out how
to build my own application, I'm stuck with configure.in, makefile.am,

I'd like to write my first GTK+ application. Is there anyone who could
write a simple "Hello world" application with the full make environment
for GTK+2.0 (Linux-fb)? Or is there a Howto for making GTK+

O. Wyss

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