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Re: ITP: glib2, gtk2, inti

--- Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> wrote:
> I've tried to compile GTK+ 1.3.x several times, and
> it never seems to
> work on Debian because of the huge number of
> dependancies on
> unreleased packages. The last time I tried was a few
> months ago,
> though.
Down at my uni's computer lab downloading it right
now, so I have not really tried compiling but it seems
like compiling should not be too much of a problem.

> I'm graduating from university next week, and I'll
> have plenty of
> time to work on Debian stuff. I'll get Glib/GTK+
> 1.3.x packages up
> as soon as I can.
> If you do want to just do the packaging work for me,
> of course, I'd
> be happy to check what you've got and use it. :)
Sure, no problem :) How exactly does it work though,
will you officially be the maintainer of the new
packages (pango, libgtk+2, libglib2, inti), or will I
be the maintainer and you be the sponsor, or do you
want to maintain libgtk+2 and libglib2 while I
maintain pango and inti?



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