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Re: Proposed Autoconf 2.50 path

* Ben Pfaff 

| > should, not must.  And we have packages which is compliant with old
| > policy - Build-Dependencies are quite new.  So not specifying
| > build-deps is not an RC bug.
| But it *is* a bug that should be fixed.

No, old Standards-Version is not a bug.  Not specifying Build-Deps is
legal according to policy, and therefore not a bug.

|  Is there *ANY* way for me to check all 4186 of Debian's packages?
| I don't think so, but if you have suggestions, I'm open to them.

Build all of them.  It shouldn't take that much time on a fast system,
I'd guess about a week on something like a PIII-800 or equivalent.
The biggest job is going through the build logs, I'd imagine.


Tollef Fog Heen
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