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Re: Automake 2.50 test summary (was: Re: Proposed Autoconf 2.50 path)

>  I took the 197 packages that declare Build-Depends: on autoconf

What about packages that build-depends: automake?

I believe I alone maintain more than 6 (KDE) packages that should break. :)  
I don't personally build-depends: autoconf because the automake dependency 
already drags that in.

> 		- 6 of these were obviously KDE packages.  (KDE
>                   has a bug in its Autoconf fragments which is
>                   apparently now fixed in CVS.)

*sigh*.. it turns out my 2.50 test may have been a 2.13 test and I may have 
gotten confused with all my switching back and forth.

Not fixed and it's looking less and less easy to fix without a potentially 
major change that may take some time to hash out on the KDE lists.



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