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Re: Proposed Autoconf 2.50 path

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 05:15:44PM -0400, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> writes:
> > [1  <text/plain; us-ascii (quoted-printable)>]
> > On Fri, 25 May 2001, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> > > here.)  Is the alternative of simply filing a bug on *every*
> > > package that Build-Depends: on autoconf acceptable?
> > 
> > No. However, if you could provide us with a list of all packages that:
> > 1) build-depends on autoconf
> Only 88 packages according to `zcat Sources.gz | grep-dctrl -F
> Build-Depends -s Package autoconf':

Hmmm, strange, there are 202 as stated by Marcelo.
With a script, I searched into debian/rules of these packages to see if
they really depend upon autoconf, by looking for

Here is the result:
    aalib acct aktion amcl aterm autofs bash bibtex2html binutils
    blackbox blinkd bow c2hs codebreaker cppunit crimson curl db3
    denemo dx expat fbgetty fltk freesweep fsviewer fuzz fvwm fvwm95
    gcc-h8300-hms gidic giram gnomesword gnuplot gnustep-base gql grun
    gsmlib gsumi gtetrinet gtkglarea gtranslator hexedit hping2
    icoutils icqlib ilu kde-i18n kdebindings kdegames kdenetwork
    kdetoys kfilereplace kicq knetfilter kyahoo lbreakout libarr
    libgnurdf libhoard libnss-ldap libpam-ldap libticables libticalcs
    man-db marbles mozart mtr musicbrainz mysql nano nemesis nmap oaf
    oregano pan penguin-command pike7 plib plib1.3 plib1.3-doc plplot
    plucker prboom roxen roxen2 run sdl-net1.1 sdl-net1.2 shadow siag
    sip sodipodi syslog-ng tar texmacs tilp tipptrainer tree-puzzle
    xcall xchat xconvers xemacs21 xfce xfmail xkbsel xmmsarts xmorph
    xmps xwrits
    aime alsa-lib alsa-lib-0.5 alsa-utils alsa-utils-0.4
    alsa-utils-0.5 amaya attr bluefish bumprace cfengine commonc++
    cppopt db2 ecasound ecawave emacs20-dl evolution expect expect5.31
    freetds g2 gcc-2.95 gcc-3.0 gconf gdb gdm geomview ghc4 ghc5
    gnome-apt gnome-core gnome-libs gnucash gnumeric gsl gtk+licq
    guppi gvd happy hfsplus intuitively ircii-pana jikes kimberlite
    krecord lesstif1-1 libctk libnss-db liboo2cx11 libproplist
    libungif4 liece mailman nfs-user-server ntop ntp nwrite objc-poc
    octave2.0 octave2.1 oo2c32 orbit-mt orbitcpp pc532down plotutils
    python python-popy python2 qtecasound rtf2latex ruby ruby-beta
    scsh scwm sword tcpstat tkstep8.0 traceroute ucd-snmp upx-ucl
    utah-glx vpopmail wmaker wmbattery xfsdump xfsprogs
3) UNABLE TO FETCH debian/rules:
    gmanedit kdeadmin kdepim kdesupport kdeutils kdevelop

Now, even the packages listed under (2) do not necessarily require
autoconf, for instance the first one, aime, do not include any
change of autoconf related files in its .diff.gz and so does not
need autoconf.
I manually checked the first ones, (2) is divided into
  (2a) DO NOT DEPEND (i.e. autoconf called whereas not needed, i did
                      not check whether it compiles since this call
                      should be removed)
    aime alsa-utils alsa-utils-0.4 bluefish commonc++ cppopt
    ecasound expect expect5.31
  (2b) SEEMS TO WORK (autoconf do no report errors)
    alsa-lib alsa-lib-0.5 amaya attr cfengine db2
  (2c) BROKEN BY ACLOCAL/AUTOMAKE (may be automake or autoconf)
    alsa-utils-0.5 bumprace ecawave

I do not have time to finish these checks, sorry.


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