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Packages not making it into testing: guile

Hi, I am maintainer of package texmacs that depends on guile (either
guile1.3 or guile1.4). Guile1.3 is in stable but not in testing.
According to the update-excuses guile1.4 is buggy and doesn't make 
it into testing.

The bugs listed by the BTS for guile-core (guile1.4) seem quite simple to fix
(all bug reports contain patches or instructions what to do), hence
I guess I could do an NMU for that. On the other hand: What is
the reason for not including guile1.3 in testing?

Does anyone know what is going on with the two guile packages?
I contacted the maintainers of both guile1.3 and guile1.4 but none 
of them replied to me so far. 


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