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Re: ld.so not ignoring LD_PRELOAD on seduid binaries?

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 05:33:44PM +0200, Richard Braakman wrote:
> On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 09:50:17AM -0400, Brian Ristuccia wrote:
> > With regard to bug #98467: Has the value of LD_PRELOAD set by the fakeroot
> > shell script changed between the current version and past versions of
> > fakeroot, and if so, is this the reason why setuid programs now fail to
> > execute at all? Is there any compelling reason why the value of LD_PRELOAD
> > set by fakeroot couldn't be reverted to the one containing a '/'?
> I remember this... it was to fix a problem on sparc, where two different
> libfakeroots were needed (one for sparc32 and one for sparc64).  Having
> the full path in the LD_PRELOAD string prevented the dynamic loader from
> being smart about which one to load.

Right. So fakeroot set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the directories. Of course
this fails when builds clobber LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

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