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Re: #define NR_TASKS ??

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> Your kernel source is not corrupted, things are being done differently in
> 2.4.x.
> Here's some code from fork.c:
> max_threads = mempages / (THREAD_SIZE/PAGE_SIZE) / 2;

Owwww damn, is it _still_ doing that ?

> So for my P3 laptop with 256M of RAM I'll have something like
> 16000 processes maximum.
> I have attached a program I wrote to test this.  After about
> 4300 processes my machine started running extremely slow

As expected, at this time not only has over 1/4th of system memory
been taken by the task_struct's for those processes, but unswappable
memory is also being used for the page directory (1 page per proc),
the page tables (most likely 3 pages per proc), file descriptors,
address space structures, etc...

In short, memory has just about filled up with kernel structures.

A while ago I already proposed lowering the limit to something
like "max_threads = mempages / (THREAD_SIZE/PAGE_SIZE) / 10;"
exactly to prevent problems like this.

Expect a patch to go to Linus and Alan later today.

Another alternative would be real task swapping, but that's a
2.5 thing ;)


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