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Re: A section for commercial software?

really I think the FHS may have it rigth, sort of.

in reality I think it has to be a case by case thing, and not look at is it
some nond ebian supplied software, but look at the licence of the
thing. someone earlier pointed out that /usr should be exportable.

If some vendor supplied software has some evil lisence saying it cant be used
on more than one machine, it should be in /opt, if however the software can be
exported for multiple users than put it into the normal debian hierarchy, of
course make sure you obey the debian policy documents for placemtn of all the
files used by your software, but I have to agree it is a lot better on the
whole to have stuff in the standard debian file hierarchy if possible. 

Of course the best solution is dont use any evil non-free software that cant
be placed in debian anyway, however this is alas, not a perfect world.

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