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Re: A section for commercial software?

On 21-May-01, 12:00 (CDT), Peter Makholm <peter@makholm.net> wrote: 
> It would be meaningless to distribute deb-packages that don't
> intergrate with the rest of Debian. This includes placement in the
> file hierarchy.
> Otherwise nothing would have been won over just distributing as
> tar-balls.

No, they'd still support dependency stuff, integration with
apt/dpkg. The benefit of using /opt/foo is that they don't have to worry
about stepping on files in the main Debian distribution.

I've mixed feelings on this. Part of me argues that the 3rd party
should grab the Contents file for main and make sure that they don't
conflict. However, there's no real way for them to register files with
us, and no way for us to detect conflict with them, which seems unfair.

I find it hard to object to third parties using /opt. Most vendors do
this for add-on packages for the proprietary Unices, even if they use
the OS vendor's packaging system. It seems completely consistent with
the FHS.

Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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