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Re: Woody upgrading problems, LILO and debconf

On Sunday 20 May 2001 23:48, John Galt wrote:
> >> >Or is it just more fun to flame me after I've resolved it?
> >>
> >> Now that you mention it...it IS kind of cathartic flaming you after the
> >> fact, but catharsis is not much good at undoing damage, just in making
> >> you feel better about things after the fact.
> >
> >I have been doing some web searches on you.  I have been looking for any
> >positive contributions you have made.  I have not found any reference to
> > any software you have written, you do not develop any packages for
> > Debian, and you don't seem to provide any helpful messages in any mailing
> > lists.
> *yawn* this tack again?  You're getting about as repetitive as Branden...

You have not mentioned anything useful or productive that you do.  I presume 
that I was correct in my assumption that you are worthless.

> >John, in summary you seem to be a useless person with no positive
> >contribution to make towards Debian or towards the world.
> At least I don't have nearly as many negative contributions on my slate as
> you...  How many people have accused me of breaking their system in the
> last year?

How many negative things are on your slate?  Without knowing who you are it's 
difficult to tell.  But with an approach that can best be described as 
sociopathic there are sure to be many.

> >Are you paid by Microsoft to be disruptive?  Or is this just an outlet for
> >your sociopathic personality?
> Which is more disruptive and worthy of aspersions of having a paymaster in
> Redmond: one who does nothing but bitch and moan (and, I might add,
> occasionally gets things right) or one who actively disrupts

When do you ever get something right?  When do you release source code under 
a free software license?  When do you submit patches to fix bugs in code?

As for submitting bug reports, searching the BTS for your name shows one 
trivial bug that was fixed, one case where you reported a bug without 
checking first to see if someone else reported it first, and one SPAM in the 

It seems that everyone agrees that you are a worthless individual with 
nothing to contribute to this list.  Why do you persist?

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