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Re: adopt-a-package

also sprach T.Pospisek's MailLists (on Fri, 18 May 2001 11:21:03AM +0200):
> to see what packages are important for debian (the ones in the "base"
> section are the most important of course) and help the respective
> maintainers. Often the maintainers have a lot to do and have trouble to
> keep up with the bugreports flowing back in.

alright. one thing. i'll see which packages i know a lot about and
then i'll help out.

> And there's the team that is developping the boot-floppies, which
> represents a crucial part of a new release, that is constantly calling for
> help. I'm sure you could work with them while becoming a maintainer. Check
> the archive for a recent call for help from Adam Di Carlo.

yes, but given that all i have is a couple of straight forward intels,
and i can't really take my machines down here and there, this is
little of an option. i have considered this previously in response to
posts about woody release inquiries, but it's just not my boat...

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