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Re: Bug#96043: jargon 4.3.0 available

[2001-05-18] Bob Hilliard wrote:
>      On May 2 you filed this bug stating that jargon 4.3.0 was
> released on April 30.  Don't you think three days is an unreasonably
> short time after release of a new version to file a bug report?

Excuse me?  This is a wishlist report, not a personal insult.

>  I find it unspeakably rude.

You consider user's wishlist priority bugs to be *unspeakably* rude?

Might I suggest you grow some skin.

>      I normally check the jargon web site at least weekly for a new
> release, but I was away from my computer from April 26 until May 16,
> and am  still catching up on the acumulated mail.

Well... if you'd only packaged your mail-reading schedule into
/usr/share/doc/dict-jargon/ then perhaps I'd have avoided offending you.

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