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ITP: replicator -- tool for fast/automatic Debian installation


I'm planning to package replicator. I'm also the primary developper of this tool.

 At present it is just missing a postrm script before being ok for upload.

 Replicator work in the "rsync everything then handle differences" way.

This very fast way of installing a Debian box. But I alwais need to trackdown non-replicable files by myself and to modify replicator at each debian release. Thus I beleive we should discuss here about what is replicable, what must be regenerated on the newly installed machine (the "copy").

 I think it can be a good idea to create a policy about this so that
non-replicable files are marked once and for all (ex in the control file).

 I can see 3 layers of files in this framework:

 low level: hardware description files : modules conf, fstab,
 mid level: network config (hostname, ip)
 high level: sysV config

I'd like to discuss with people here to achieve a good definition of all these things in order to make a constructive proposition (if needed) for policy additions.

At present replicator handle (read regenerate) only low and mid level files.


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Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

url : http://sourceforge.net/projects/replicator

licence : GPL

Replicator is a set of scripts to automate the duplication of a model computer running Debian/GNU Linux, with some provisions to take into account differences in hardware (like HD size, video card) and in software configuration (partitioning).

After the initial configuration, the scripts will create a bootdisk that
allow to (re)install completely a Debian box by just booting on the floppy and answering a yes/no question.

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