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Re: /etc getting big


I found a live sparc-debian testing system for testing,
but I can't add packages (the disk is full).

cochonjaune:/home/ballombe# du -s /etc
5141    /etc
cochonjaune:/home/ballombe# du -s /etc/* /etc/X11/* | sort -n | tail
127     /etc/lynx-ssl.cfg
127     /etc/lynx.cfg
127     /etc/lynx.cfg.dpkg-dist
140     /etc/wwwoffle
262     /etc/X11/app-defaults
348     /etc/X11/WindowMaker
388     /etc/texmf
534     /etc/X11/banner
933     /etc/X11/xkb
2507    /etc/X11

/etc/X11/xkb contains lots of files and I thing none of them are really
to be edited.

/etc/X11/banner contains 3 raster files(seem sparc specific)

/etc/texmf/dvips contains lots of .map files that are probably not to be edited.(I am not sure)

/etc/X11/WindowMaker contains translation of config files, so they may be
edited, but are not used by the menu system.

This particular machine have 478k in /etc of *.bak, *~ and *.dpkg-dist backup
files that are the responsibility of the user to delete.


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